Company overview

Zezoo is an innovative company that provides business consultation and offers the latest software service solutions. With more than 20 years experience in the field, the Zezoo team brings extensive knowledge and has a proven track record of taking its customers to next level.

Whether it is solving a company’s need for organization with ZPM – Zezoo’s task management software, or a more complex project utilizing ZPanel, Zezoo’s software for e-commerce, including full warehouse management, marketplace integration and Customer Relation Management (CRM), Zezoo Fulfillment Solutions is the perfect answer for businesses of all types and sizes.

Our experienced team, superior technology, and dedication to customer service make Zezoo the logical choice for your e-commerce and marketplace integration solutions, warehousing and fulfillment software needs.

Our mission

“To be of major contribution to our customer’s expansion through customized projects, elaborating complete fulfillment and organizational software solutions.”

Our vision

“To lead the industry in terms of quality and professionalism, and to provide the best work environment to our employees.”

Our values

“Faith, passion, integrity, professionalism, collaboration, respect, competence, creativity, trust, and community.”

“By valuing integrity and the respect to God, people, and our planet the company creates a trustful relationship between associates, customers, suppliers, and society.”