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Get another beautiful women's Cruzeiro jersey! The 2016 Cruzeiro Women's Away Jersey is made of lightweight polyester and elastane, providing a soft feel and a slimmer shape. Its design consists of the predominantly white and brings textured vertical lines in the frontal region. It also has V-neck with blue accents and distinctive fabric in the frontal region. In the chest, the team's shield and Umbro logo are present. In the lower right, a stamp with a trophy and the dates 1966 - 2016 is seen, in reference to the 50th anniversary of the title won in the Brazilian Championship. Finally, the sponsor's logo is highlighted in the frontal region, complementing the other details, such as the crown seen in watermark on the back, just below the neck, in reference to the Triple Crown of Brazilian Soccer. With comfort and style, this jersey dresses the Cruzeiro female fans in tradition and joy to cheer at all times!

  • SLIM-FIT sizing - We recommend ordering 2 sizes larger

  • short sleeve.

  • v-neck collar.

  • 92% polyester, 8% Elastane.

  • Umbro logo - right chest

  • Cruzeiro stars applique - left chest

  • Caixa sponsorship

  • No numbers

Approximate dimensions:

S:   42x68 cm (LxA)
M:  44x70 cm (LxA)
L:   46x72 cm (LxA)
XL48x74 cm (LxA)

SKU SHT-16943
Color White
Size XL
Composition Mixed Materials